Buck Lewis

Award-winning designer-director Buck Lewis is one of the premiere character designers working in feature film animation today, having designed on fourteen of the biggest animated films of the last ten years, including CARS, MADAGASCAR, RATATOUILLE, ICE AGE, ALVIN AND THE CHIMPMUNKS, KUNG FU PANDA,   and ARTHUR CHRISTMAS, serving as Lead Character Designer on the latter two.  
     Buck applies his considerable talent for bringing characters and stories to life as a developer of his own  projects for both big screen and small for such clients as BLUE SKY, where he is attached to direct his original film, LEFT TERN. He has illustrated dozens of children's books for a wide range of the world's top publishers.
     Buck comes to animated feature films after an award-wining advertising career (clients included AMERICAN EXPRESS, HBO, IBM and SONY). After leaving that trade to pursue his dream of being a painter, Buck realized his true life calling:  within months he was doing character-designs for the silver screen. He continues to conceive his feature film character designs on beautifully painted oil canvases.