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John Fountain

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John has held nearly every key creative position in the field of animation including Producer, Writer, Director, Storyboard Artist, Art Director, Development Artist and Character Designer. He has worked at DISNEY, NICKELODEON, WARNER BROTHERS, MTV, CARTOON NETWORK and several studios overseas. 

Fountain was the Supervising Director for Nickelodeon's THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS and a director for MY LIFE AS A TEENAGE ROBOT. He has also contributed to DORA THE EXPLORER, OH YEAH! CARTOONS!, CHALK ZONE, THE WILD THORNBERRYS, and INVADER ZIM.

Most recently, Fountain directed a series of shorts for CARTOON NETWORK ASIA for their 'Toonix' franchise, as well as a series of shorts for NETFLIX. He also storyboarded for Adult Swim's RICK AND MORTY and animated for the feature film SOUTH PARK : BIGGER, LONGER AND UNCUT.

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