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Emmy-Winning, Oscar-Nominated Writing

  • Feature Screenplays

  • Series Story Editing

  • Pitch Bibles

  • Game Content Writing

  • IP Development

  • Production and Pitch Bibles

Baboon's writers have created hundreds

of scripts for the most memorable shows

of our time, from DORA to DARIA, from

ARTHUR to Adult Swim.

We've also contributed to several of the world's best loved family features, including the SHREK and ICE AGE films and MADAGASCAR. Talk to us about what you need for your project.

Punch-Ups, Rewrites, and International Versions

  • Full Rewrites

  • Script Doctoring

  • Comedy Punch-Up

  • Post-production

  • Re-Versioning

  • Recasting and Rerecord

You're always the last to know your cartoon sucks. Hey, it can happen to the best of us, and has. We understand, and we can help.

And in partnership with New York's top casting, dubbing studios and voice talent, Baboon Animation provides rewrites and re-records that save the day. Drop us a line to find out more.

Original Content

for Features and Series

  • Family Features

  • Preschool Series

  • 6-11 Comedy

  • Adult Comedy

  • Major Hollywood Credits


From Teletoon's top hit ROCKET MONKEYS to Adult Swim's SUPERJAIL! we create shows that make an impression. Find out if one of our new IPs appeals to you.

And ask us about our original feature concepts, including MONSTERS VS. ALIENS for Dreamworks. We have a slate of fresh ideas available for development and production.

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