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Buck and Buddy Wins in Asia

Updated: Dec 23, 2021


Baboon Animation scripted the season, expanding Asian client base

December 20, 2021: Buck and Buddy, created and produced by Lil Critter Workshop and scripted by Baboon Animation, won the 26th Asian Television Awards Best 2D Animated Programme of 2021.

Buck and Buddy creators, Brian Chong, Walid Omar, and Lorna Henderson, brought Baboon aboard to write these quirky friends into action. “We had a great time crafting crazy comedy scenarios for these awesome slapstick insect buddies,” says Joe Vitale, who is Baboon’s head of series and Buck and Buddy’s head writer. “We immediately loved their madcap world and had a blast pushing every gag to its max. I guess it paid off.”

Baboon Animation’s founder Mike de Seve says, “We’re so thrilled for Lil Critter, they’re such a great studio. It’s a pleasure to be part of this fantastic show where friendship wins against ridiculous odds.” Many of the same team also write on the hit Warner Media slapstick cartoon Taffy, now in its second season and a top performer in more than 100 countries globally.

De Seve adds that Baboon is out in front in emerging regions. “Baboon has become one of the most accomplished animation screenwriting teams worldwide,” he explains. “We’ve shepherded brands from over 50 countries, taking them from local to global-market-ready.“

A DreamWorks feature animation alumnus, de Seve believes the animation industry has reached a game-changing moment. "We’re seeing the freshest new ideas coming from Asia and Africa—it’s thrilling to be collaborating on them. Baboon has also just launched Baboon Animation Africa to develop new talent in that comedy frontier."

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With 29 Emmys collectively, Baboon Animation's team members provide world-class show running, writing and development on some of the most successful brands globally.

Baboon and Buck and Buddy

Baboon writing team applauds Buck and Buddy win in Asia

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